Lane Changing Techniques and Tips

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Changing lanes can be a difficult task for any new driver. You must maintain control of your vehicle while estimating the speed of oncoming traffic in the lane you wish to enter. Professionals can make quick decisions, but beginners always take their time determining what needs to be done. Lane Changing Techniques and Tips


Determine the distance and speed of oncoming traffic before attempting to overtake. Simply wait if you are perplexed. Allow the lane into which you want to move to clear, then follow the golden rule and proceed. It is best not to Outpace near a bend if your vision of the lane is obscured.

On a dual carriageway, changing lanes

When driving on a dual carriageway, you may need to get to the other lane, but it is critical to estimate your exact exit point. It is preferable to stay in a slower lane rather than miss your exit and become stuck in the outside lane. Lane Changing Techniques and Tips.

The incorrect lane

Even the most experienced drivers can find themselves in the wrong lane. In such a case, do not panic or abruptly change lanes. Follow the same steps as described above; if the lane is not clear, simply wait for traffic to clear. It is far safer to proceed to the next exit or junction than to change lanes without caution.


These are some of the tips and tricks that can assist a learner in changing lanes safely and confidently. Our professional driving instructors will help you reach your driving objectives quickly and affordably. Lane Changing Techniques and Tips

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