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Safety Tips by Affordable Driving School in Edmonton

Safety Tips – MyKeys Driving School

Stop at all stop signs and make sure you stop in the correct position. Then pull out slowly after scanning the intersection

Beware of school and playground zones

Match your speed to the posted limited rather than speeding traffic.

When the light is green, scan the intersection before driving thru

While reversing your car, move your steering wheel accordingly and look around rather than only looking in the mirrors

When approaching stop sign, reduce your speed gradually and make a final stop.

When making a right turn, make sure you check your blind spot to the right to ensure if their are any cylist or pedestrian

To make a lane change use the MBSB technique

In traffic maintain a safe distance from other vehicle

Adhere to all traffic signs, traffic lights and road markings

When entering green traffic lights, cover your brake pedal

Do not answer text message/SMS, phone calls or alarms on your mobile device while driving

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We promise you to provide all the essential training you need to pass the road test first time and become confident drivers.

We take pride in our highest success rate. 99% of our students pass their road test in their first attempt.

Our highly trained instructors and fully insured vehicles equipped with rigorous safety measures ensure a zero-accident rate.

We value your time. Our expert and friendly instructors never miss your driving session and are always on time.

We guarantee you the best price on all our driving courses that are designed to suit individual needs.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional training to turn you into great drivers.

We are available 7 days a week. We work around your schedule to offer you the best time slot possible.

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Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

It was a fantastic learning experience; I passed my driving test on the first try, the customer service was excellent, and the instructor, Mr. Manjeet was quite helpful in assisting me in passing this exam; without his sincere teachings, I would not have passed in the first go. His friendliness, experience, and desire to help his students succeed are priceless. He has excellent techniques for parallel parking, reverse parking, and basic driving. He explains these tactics thoroughly and often until you master them. Thanks again 🙂

Vanshika Jain

Great experience to lean driving lessons. Clear and appropriate training with no hidden extra charges. Great mentor to learn from.
They make schedule work accordingly so you don’t waste time or money. Very polite instructor. 100% recommend.

Samdarsh Ahuja

It’s so worth it to enroll and get their full package for beginners. Manjit is a really great instructor and teacher, a very professional approach to driving yet you feel at ease because he keeps up good conversations throughout your driving lessons. He will teach you all the most ideal way to approach driving. 10/10 would recommend it to others.

Luna Sairee

The instructor was very clear and helped out a lot. He knows how to teach the person learning, and he is very clean and professional and very friendly. I recommend this instructor to anyone within edmonton, and I am glad to have had him teach me how to drive lawfully and properly.

Breadon Bell

I had a good experience with Mr. Manjeet. He is really a great driving instructor and tells you easy techniques for all the parking. I passed my road test in my first go and it happened just because of his dedication.

Nia Sharma

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